Programming Services

Biological Databases

In the current omics era, biological databases are indispensable for the management and storage of biological and biomedical data, especially those related to NGS projects. At Biotechvana we have an excellent team of programmers specialized in the development of biological databases, intranets, wikis, servers, and web resources, for both the academy and the industry, adapting our developments to any need and/or idea or requirement of our customers.

We would be delighted to realize your web project or database by providing you with the following services:

  • Dynamic web programming based on most common Frameworks and CMS
  • Development and implementation of back-end infrastructures using Apache, Java, PHP, and MySQL
  • Front-end development of web interfaces for querying the database
  • Migration and/or conversion of databases
  • Implementation of containers (dockers)
  • CyberSecurity and assessment in legal requirements
  • Graphic and corporate design of the web resource or database
  • Domain administration, hosting, and housing
  • Technical support for use and management
  • Infrastructure maintenance and updating service
  • Storage services (backups) and restoration of lost data
  • Dissemination on social networks and SEO services

Tailor-made software and pipelines

Our team also has wide experience in software development using different languages such as C#, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, R, and more. If you are looking for customized software for your research, our programming team would be happy to provide you with information on our quotes in developing tailor-made applications.

Some of our most demanded services are:

The cost of our programming solutions may vary depending on the software or database project. If you are interested in getting more information about it, please contact us at biotechvana(at) and we will be glad to organize a personalized meeting with you in order to discuss and evaluate your specific project.

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