Phylograph is a multifunctional tree editor particularly indicated for large trees. The application reads trees up to 1000-1200 leaves and constructs and edits graph drawings in different layouts. Phylograph roots the tree using as outgroup a single leave or a whole branch, simply via the computer mouse. The tool incorporates a wide set of functions to expand, compress, invert, and/or rotate a tree. Phylograph allows the cutting of branches and the incorporation of decorations such as tags, brackets, boxes, and arrows. The tool also allows the user to save the tree drawing as a re-editable project and offers the choice of various exportable image formats, including a HTML format suited to databases.


Get graphical representation of the evolutionary relationships among different organisms
Edit trees in an intuitive graphical user interface
Trees can be completely manipulated using the mouse
Import and export trees in many formats
Change visual appearance of trees by selecting fonts and colors
Insert additional information as distance, bootstrap, hosts, URLs or clusters


There are essentially two concepts for achieving drawings of phylogenetic trees, rooted and unrooted or radial. Phylograph uses three algorithms to layout the graph: A rooted tree is easy to layout by recursion and this application offers 4 variations on rooted trees as rectangular cladograms, with or without distances, and slanted cladograms. Radial trees are drawn using a linear-time algorithm adapted with several modifications from Bachmaier et al. 2005. This algorithm resolves a radial layout that Phylograph re-visits to optimize the amount of space needed by both small and big subtrees, using the "equal distant wedges" algorithm.


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