Microbial Omics Analyses

In Biotechvana we are glad to offer bioinformatics services for diversity analysis, assignation of taxonomy levels, and microbiota community comparison of fungal or bacterial metagenomic samples sequenced based on 16s/18s, and/or ITs amplicons. Although each study needs to be specified in the context of your experiment design, and the species, and/or sample in analysis, below we summarize the usual workflow followed by us in these types of studies.

1) Preprocessing of raw data 2) Resolution of OTU (Operative Taxonomical Units) or ASV (Amplicon Sequence Variants) 3) Mapping and assignation of taxonomy levels 4) Downstream analyses

If you are interested in getting more information about our services for analysis of microbial amplicon data, please contact us at biotechvana(at)biotechvana.com and we will be glad to pass you on a quote or organize a personalized meeting with you in order to discuss and evaluate your experiment.

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