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Programming Databases

In the post-genomic era, databases are essential for managing biological and biomedical projects particularly for NGS data.

We are developers of both academic and industrial databases adapting them to any requirement idea and/or standard. Our team has made contributions to the development of distinct DBs, intranets, open access, wikis and servers for molecular biology research, services and education. In all cases, we develop a front-end interface allowing you to manage your data very easily and without dificulties just having informatics skills at the user levels.

We can collaborate in your DB project providing the following services:

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Tailor-made software and pipelines

If you are looking for specifically designed tools for your research, our tailor-made scripts, pipelines and computational frameworks can help you to reach your goals successfully. Our team is composed of expert programmers with qualified expertise in distinct languages such as C#, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, R and more…

In order to get the best results, our experts listen to what you need and involve in your project as a partner, understanding your needs and even suggesting useful ideas and expanding the concepts. We program just what you need but also attending to your possible future implementations, so, what you want is what you get without any unexpecteded features.

On each project we offer training, support and project management services for your staff so they can increase their productivity within the shortest possible time.

Some of our most demanded services are:

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