DeNovo approaches

Biotechvana offers bioinformatic services for different approaches “de novo” including assembly and annotation of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes and transcriptomes without available reference, as well as WGS Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics.

We also offer services for viruses and mobile elements full-length genome characterization or for exhaustive characterization of the complete population of mobile genetic elements or viruses (mobilome or viriome) of a host or a sample. Although each study needs to be personalized depending on your experiment and the species to be characterized below we summarize the usual workflow followed by us in this type of studies.

Genomes, Transcriptomes, Metagenomes, Metatranscriptomes

1) Preprocessing of raw data 2) De Novo Assembly and scaffolding 3) Annotation and functional analysis 4) Downstream analyses

Full-length Genome Characterization of Virus and Mobile Genetic Elements

1) Preprocessing of raw data 2) De Novo Assembly 3) Annotation

Viriome/Mobilome annotation

4) Mapping and Annotation 5) Integration and downstream analyses

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