Features of Phylograph 1.1

Phylograph; a multifunctional tree editor particularly indicated for large trees. The application reads trees up to 1000-1200 leaves and constructs and edits graph drawings in different layouts implementing the following main features:

Open, edit and save tree files in the most common formats such as nexus and newick including bootstrap and distance values.

A friendly-to-use interface with menubars, toolbars and mouse interaction. Tree nodes and OTU labels can be managed with the computer mouse.

Mouse functions:

  • Rotate nodes
  • Hide and show nodes
  • Select a subtree
  • Move elements

Export trees as graphics in PNG, PostScript and PNG+HTML including <imagemap> with hyperlinks for each OTU inserted through the OTU-URL database.

Show trees in 5 different layouts including rectangular cladogram, slanted cladogram and radial unrooted trees.

Edit subtrees in separate windows simultaneously.

Select different fonts and color for node strokes, OTUs and labels.

Add labels and group OTUs in clusters.

For deep details about the multiple distint features of Phylograph read the article.