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Worksheet - Menu Tool: Metabolic pathways

If you want to execute this utility, you should have previously performed a functional annotation for appending GO terms and enzyme codes to the worksheet, and have internet access. You can use this tool for linking the KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopaedia and retrieve graphical figures of metabolic maps in which the annotated enzymes are functionally involved. You only need to select the CSV columns summarizing the sequence names, the enzyme code and the Evidence code of the sequences under study. Then click run and wait. Depending on the number of sequences in your annotation, the process could take some time. Once the process is done, GPRO will open a working space in the layout below the worksheet. There will be a summary to navigate the metabolic maps, and a display on the right of the map. Below, this layout has a detail of the metabolic path displayed, and above you have three tabs for working with the maps or for downloading all of them in a folder that will be deposited in the project folder.

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