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Worksheet - Overview

Worksheet is a dynamic grid of columns and rows for data integration, downstream analysis and knowledge discovery. Among other things, this tool allows you to manage a variety of editing, filtering and prioritization actions on sequence and variant annotations, to link the annotation file to a fasta file, to create databases and sub-databases, to call online databases for data mining, annotation and re-annotation, to integrate and combine multiple samples, and much more.

The worksheet is launched in the main desktop and implements a wide variety of functions: a) create and remove rows and columns; b) import, export and combine databases on the basis of a selection of rows or/and columns; c) add, search and replace annotation terms based on commonly used taxonomies and vocabularies; d) organize and colour the cells according to key terms such as mapping, annotation, function or statistics; e) perform functional annotation based on the Gene Ontology  (GO) vocabulary and/or retrieve metabolic maps from the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG); f) switch accessions between refseq databases; g) make data mining and downstream analysis; h) statistics, etc.

In addition, the worksheet can be linked to a FASTA sequence database and make changes simultaneously in the worksheet and the database.

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