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Statools - Overview

STATools is a set of R scripts for the analysis of raw CSV files containing biological data. With STATools, you can visualise and build heatmaps and plots, perform some statistical tests, analyse different groups of data with the options analysis and misc and study the results obtained in a RNA-seq experiment.

Usage - Basic indications

The main interface of STATools contains a menu bar on the top of the page where you can choose among the different programmed tools: Heatmap, Plots, Tests, Analysis, RNAseq and Misc. See the following Sections for the specific usage of each of them. You can also view examples of CSV input files in the corresponding text box at the top of the interface.

In a general way, the usage of STATools consists of three basic steps:
  1. Loading the input CSV file according to the adequate format.
  2. Parameterizing the tool.
  3. Running the process and saving the results in the user computer.

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