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We are preparing new publications for the Suite Version 2.0, if you want to cite previous versions of GPRO or its associated TIME sequence editor, please use these references:

Futami R, Muñoz-Pomer A, Viu JM, Dominguez-Escribá L, Covelli L, Bernet GP, Sempere JM, Moya A, Llorens C.
GPRO: the professional tool for management, functional analysis and annotation of omic sequences and databases (2011).
Biotechvana Bioinformatics: 2011-SOFT3
Muñoz-Pomer A, Futami R, Covelli L, Domínguez-Escribà L, Bernet GP, Sempere JM, Moya A, and Llorens C.
TIME: a sequence editor for the molecular analysis of large DNA and protein sequence samples (2011).
Biotechvana Bioinformatics: 2011-SOFT2.

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